iX8 v2 Speed Control

iX8 v2 Speed Control

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iX8 v2 Speed Control

The LRP iX8 is the ideal partner for bashers and merciless racers. It is a full-blooded 1/8 brushless speed control that has been especially developed for the higher voltages in 1/8 scale. All the best in today’s brushless racing technology comes together in this speed control. The iX8 is protected by its hard case to deal with the rough and tough race and bash conditions.

It is self-evident that any capacitors are included in the speedo and the power connectors as well as the cooling fan connectors are pluggable. The LRP iX8 can be operated 2S-6S LiPo batteries.

The improved version of the iX8 features stronger BEC and updated software.

Uncompromising and outstanding performance at the highest level has a name – iX8!

Including pluggable high-performance fan


Sensored design: Sensored technology for high precision and intelligent motor management to achieve best drive and brake feel

2S-6S LiPo operation: Wide input voltage range (7.2V-22.2V) for versatile use, with powerful 6A switching BEC

USB Software Updateability: Benefit from all the latest performance improvements and updates available at www.LRP.cc!

Special 1/8 power profiles: Special 1/8th power profiles for finest adjustments to all conditions and motors. Including all team profiles

Forward/Brake + Forward/Brake/Reverse: Fully adjustable drive-modes with different brake/reverse adjustments

Revolutionary Internal Temp Check System 3: Allows you to read out the maximum internal temperature for each the speedo and motor

100% pluggable connections: No solder design – maximum convenience. Includes ready-to-use wires for all connections

Cut-off voltage / LVC adjustable

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