Bradley Baird

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  • Career 2007-present

  • Age 21

  • Hometown Portadown Northern Ireland

  • Mechanic Brother Blaine

  • Nickname Flying Irishman

  • Hobbies RC Racing and Ice skating

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Bradley Baird is a 21 year old future champion of the sport, and a member of the JQRacing Alphaform Reds Team. He lives in the North of Ireland with his parents and brothers who also race. His brother Blaine acts as his mechanic at the races, making them a good team at races, when Bradley needs a bit of abuse from time to time! Bradley has been running for JQRacing since 2012 so we consider him as a family member! :)


Bradley lives for racing, and will do what it takes to win. It has taken him a few years to find his feet in 1/8th rallycross but after alot of hard work over the last couple of seasons he is confident of a successful year ahead.

Career Hightlight

2011-Present Irish National Champion 1/8th Rallycross

2007 Grp Irish challenge 1/8th Champion

2013-14 Neo Race quarter Finalist


JQRacing, Alphaform, Reds, AKA, Savöx, LRP, GHEA, MIP, Maugrafix, Ginga Paint, Schumacher Racing